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Brian Goodman


The Spiel


I have been working in sales the vast majority of my adult life and have been working for myself in real estate as a flipper and investor since 2013.  I have bought and sold a lot of homes for myself and I would love to put my experience, knowledge, professionalism, and positive attitude to work for you!

When it comes to buying or selling a house (or maybe doing both) what makes it really interesting is that every property is unique.  Every house is built with different materials, different finishes, and different bones.  When buying it's up to us as a team to figure out exactly which house is going to be right for you!  When selling its about finding the best way to showcase what makes your property special. 

I am a REALTOR®, an advocate for ethical business, and also a advocate for equal housing. Why don't you check out my website or even better my youtube!  


Business Philosophy


I believe in making a living the right way and focusing on the process.  I always focus on being diligent, putting my clients needs first, and making sure to provide accurate and insightful information.   

The most important part of a transaction is proper form first and having fun a close second.  Of course everyone wants to smile, get along, and have a great time in life and that is very important, but never at the expense of proper execution.  I will always bring in my positive attitude and sense of humor, but never at the expense of professionalism.  


Goodman Property Restoration


I got my start in Real Estate in February 2013 by founding my improvement company with my wife Goodman Property Restoration.  At the time I never thought I would find a passion for buying and selling Real Estate, but as the years and the projects came and went I found myself turning what was a fun hobby for my wife and I into a full time career.  

My end of the business has always been research and projection.  I found that I am not only very good at understanding the value of a home and what contributes to that value, but also I found that I really enjoy it.

You can see all of the houses we have restored and improved on the blog here.

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